Leaving Repton

May 24th, 2016

Leaving Repton in such a short time now.  Only 5 weeks left of teaching here.  There is so much we are going to miss.  Colleagues and friends and the kids’ friends.  I’m going to miss some of the singers too.  It’s always amazing to see the U6 spreading their wings and heading on towards the next stage in life.  Some of these young people I have taught for several years, and I hope to stay in touch with them.  Having said that, I’ve definitely got the scent of the salty Norfolk coastal air in my nostrils as I contemplate a rather fabulous change of location.  I mean, what’s not to like?  Gresham’s School here we come, and I’m really hoping that my lovely daughter settles quickly there.  She’ll be happy as long as there’s cricket and hockey to be had!  I’m envisaging a life of permanent sunshine, running on the beach with my excellent lurcher, an endless supply of crab and mackerel and never a hint of winter.