King’s College Choir

May 24th, 2016

I should probably be talking about some forth coming event in the first blog post but actually, as we celebrated my Son’s 10th birthday yesterday, I’m thinking of him and of the growing love of music in my children’s lives.  He joined the school of King’s College Cambridge a year ago as a chorister probationer, and will join the choir as a fully fledged chorister this next Michaelmas term.  Who would have believed that this boy, a home boy, so happy at his school, would choose to upsticks and leave to become a chorister and a boarder so far from home?  Well he chose it and he hasn’t looked back.  He loves King’s College School.  When he comes home most of the chat is still about the cricket and the rugby, which seem to be the main focus of his life.  But the music is quietly becoming a deeper and deeper part of him.  He may take if for granted, I couldn’t say, but we celebrate every morning he is home and he asks to listen to Brahms Requiem, Swayne Magnificat or some beautiful Palestrina.   His birthday party involved a crowd of rascally 10 year olds, half choristers, half school mates, scampering around a cricket pitch like an incredibly bonded band of brothers, and all that after half of them had filled King’s Chapel with beautiful soaring treble voices, reading fantastically difficult music and no doubt bang on Stephen’s beat.  What an education.  You can’t beat it if you have a bright, musical, sociable boy that needs a bit of stretching!