Covid and Lockdown

October 14th, 2020

Well we’ve all got used to a very different way of life!  I have adjusted to seeing and hearing all my students in a completely new way.  And wow, to have the entire National Youth Choir warming up with me in my own living room!  It’s quite a departure.  The warm up with Windsor and Eton Choral Society was pretty good fun too, and great to see all those singers keeping going.

I’m a strong believer in throwing positive energy into bad situations, and that’s what we’ve all been trying our best to do.  My students have all stayed loyal and focused, with only one discontinuing through the lockdown, and a whole batch of new ones signing up for singing lessons.  It is heartening, and my colleagues and I in the singing business are just working flat out to keep the flame alive, and keep people singing and exercising those voices! We even started a new charity called Aureole Music… do visit the website